"Vryheidsparty is vir Heelwat Nou Moeg en Sat"

- 13 January1980

Conrad Sidego quotes the leader of the Coloured Representative Council, Mr. Willie Africa, as he criticizes the Labour Party at their annual conference held in Port Elizabeth, as well as the white minority rule and asks them to follow in the footsteps of First Minister, P.W. Botha, who is seeking new initiatives that creates peaceful coexistence amongst all South Africans.  Mr. Willie Africa condemns the Labour Party for supporting economical sanctions against the Republic and for forming a coalition with the South African Black Alliance. 


- 10 January 1980

Three black civil rights leaders from the Port Elizabeth Black Civic Organisation (PEBCO) were arrested by the Security Police in Port Elizabeth for the peaceful demonstration and city-wide strike against the forced removals of Walmer residents and the ongoing Port Elizabeth Ford strike for the unfair dismissal of Thozamile Botha.


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Black and White photograph: Ron Belling
Colour photograph: Yusuf Agherdien