"Stemloses Bekyk Die Boeretwis
Skeuring nog nie naby die werklike eise nie"

- 28 February 1982

Conrad Sidego speaks out against the divided National party with First Minister, P.W. Botha in one camp opposing the conservative right-wing Treurnicht-camp in the other. He voices his hope in the First Minister to put his foot down and thus allowing the finally unified parliament to pave the way to make meaningful constitutional reforms.

- 5 February 1982
Dr. Neil Aggett, a Trade Union leader is found dead in his cell at the Security Police Headquarters in John Vorster Square, Johannesburg. He was the first white person to have died in detention.

- 11 February 1982
More than 85, 000 workers from almost all independent black unions stage a thirty-minute work stoppage in protest to the death of Dr. Neil Aggett in detention. Opposition parties, lawyers, academics and the clergy demand an end to the prolonged detention without trial in solitary confinement.



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photograph source: Media 24, Beeld