"So Skiet ons nie
Skerp gevoele oor diensplig" 

- 21 March 1982

Conrad Sidego is staunchly critical of the National Party’s expectation that everyone within the borders of South Africa should offer their lives in military service for a country that doesn’t provide equal citizenship and political rights to everyone. 

- 20 March 1982

In the early morning, Umkhonto we Sizwe blows up a substantial portion of the offices behind the Langa Commissioner’s Court in Cape Town. The intention of the blast was to create confusion in the Apartheid administration because these offices contained information about thousands of pass law offenders in the Western Cape. No one was injured in the blast that happened on the eve of the Sharpeville massacre anniversary.


Music created using 
RGB Music Lab


Red : Gunshot 
Green : Steel Drums
Blue : Woodblock

Tempo : 120 bpm

Photo: Zolile Nqose Collection