"Resep vir Tronkvoël-rekord"


- 25 September 1983
Conrad Sidego states that the number of prisoners compared with prison capacity was one of the highest in the world as they were 25% above the capacity. He then goes on to quote the research done by Erika Theron as to why this is the case: 
-    Criminals don’t have access to meaningful and uplifting municipal amenities.  
-    The use of the Group Areas Act that dislocates communities from their ability to earn a livelihood.
-    Forced Removals further exacerbates this dislocation that in turn leads to criminal behaviour 


- 29 September 1983

Kobie Coetsee, Minister of Justice, lodges a commission of inquiry into the malpractices that happened in South African prisons, after the disturbances and deaths at the Barberton prison farm complex in the Eastern Transvaal.


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Photo: Stan Winer