"Nogtans 'n skok
Dooie liggaam jaag nuwe spoke op"


- 24 February 1980

Conrad Sidego expresses his relief in the dissolvement of the National Representative Council (NRC), saying that they can’t accept the Government’s over-representation in the NRC and that the only solution will be representation in the central Parliament. The newly formed South African NRC will be non-political and will have to agree with whatever the National Party tells them.


- 18 February 1980

First Minister, P.W. Botha, sets up a joint meeting with the leaders from the black ‘homelands’ to negotiate a potential consensus for a constitutional future.

- 22 February 1980

The South African Coloured Person’s Council Bill is introduced into parliament which is opposed both by National Representative Council and by the Progressive Federal Party.


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RGB Music Lab


Red : Power Kit
Green : Muted Trumpet
Blue : Acoustic Grand Piano


Tempo : 120 bpm

Photo: Die Burger Archive