"Laat Die Wette Graf Toe"


-  15 July 1984

Conrad Sidego quotes Minister Piet Badenhorst’s opinion on Mixed Marriages Act and the Immorality Act by which he says that these acts cannot be “improved”, but should either be expanded or be completely removed. These signs of progressive movement signals hope for Sidego and by which he adds to have the, racially discriminatory, Population Registration Act also be removed.
-  1 July 1984 


The Ciskeian Citizenship Act No 38 got repealed only to be restored on the first of July 1985 through the 1986 Restoration of South African Citizenship Act No 73 that grants citizenship to TBVC citizens (Transkei, Bophuthatswana, Ciskei, and Venda) who were born or resided in ‘white’ South Africa permanently prior to the declaration of independence of the homelands. Citizenship was restored for  1 751 400 TBVC citizens, but eight to nine million still remained subject to the provisions of the 1937 Aliens Act.


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