- 12 Augustus 1982

Conrad Sidego voices his concern about the State President, PW Botha, not making the necessary changes by giving all South Africans citizenship. He also states that the ‘Tri-cameral Parliament’ is purely symbolic and aims to separate ‘coloured’ South Africans from black South Africans. Sidego does say that everyone should practice patience, self-control, and responsibility even if they want to or not.

- 30 July 1982


The Federal Congress supports the National Party’s constitutional reform for changing the Parliamentary rule from the Westminster model to the Presidential system as well as the introduction of the much-contested ‘Tri-cameral Parliament’ which served as separate parliamentary chambers for ‘coloured’ and ‘Indian’ South Africans. The real political power, however, still remained in the hands of a white minority, because of the National Party’s control over legislation through the introduction of the Presidential system.

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