"Gryp hom!" 

– 4 May 1986


Conrad Sidego voices his critique against the State President for not doing enough about dismantling the cornerstones of Apartheid i.e. the Population Registration Act and the Group Areas Act. He quotes the leader of the Council of Representatives, Allan Hendrickse who advised the former State President “to steal the hearts” of the people by doing something about District Six.

- 4 April 1986

Montsho Lucky Kutumela, a journalist with the Lebowa Times, dies on this day shortly after being arrested. He was hacked to death by rightwing vigilantes whilst in police custody.

- 11 April 1986

Peter Nchabeleng, President of the Northern Transvaal region of the United Democratic Front (UDF) dies in the same police station a week later.


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Photograph: Gideon Mendel