"Geen holle eise meer nie"


- 8 April 1979


Conrad Sidego was positive about the relationship between the National Party and the Coloured Peoples' Representative Council where he notes that change and dialogue is happening. In his own words: “…moeilike onderhandelinge wat nou voorlê om vir Suid-Afrika die grondwet veranderinge te maak wat vir al sy mense vrede en veiligheid sal bring. Dis die mening van manne in die gemeenskap wat lus het om te praat. Mense wat saakmaak.” (…a difficult negotiation lies ahead to give South Africa the constitutional change which will give all Her people peace and safety. That is the opinion of men in the community who have a desire to talk. People who matter.)


- 6 April 1979

Umkhonto we Sizwe recruit Solomon Kalushi Mahlangu was executed on this day for the murder of two civilians and on three charges under the Terrorism Act for the Goch street, Johannesburg shootout. During his trial, the judge accepted that his companion Johannes Motloung was responsible for the killings, but due to severe brain damage, he suffered during the course of his capture he was declared unfit to stand trial. Solomon Mahlangu’s execution sparked a national and international outcry.


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Still from SAPS film of Solomon Mahlangu being escorted by policeman from the courtroom, 1978.

Source: South African National Repository